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Beauty can sometimes be so focused on what we are doing on the outside. This year I’m hoping to not only live a healthier life but also having more fun doing it! Sometimes my hormones can take over causing breakouts and other horrible skin issues.

There’s an easy to combat bad skin from the inside though and I’ve recently found Estroblock.


Estroblock is great for women who may be on birth control, like myself to help regulate and balance the hormones. It’s also great for weight management and maintaining your overall health.

Doctor Recommended! DIM & I3C in Estroblock is naturally found in “RAW” cruciferous vegetables. Raw Broccoli, when added to animal diets prevented certain forms of cancer. It must be preserved as RAW so the plant enzymes (cooking above 118 degrees) destroy these phytochemical enzymes. They react in the body to become DIM, a potent deactivator of toxic Estrones from pesticides, excess body fat, or aging. Both men and woman benefit as good estrogens are restored, while harmful toxic 16a hydroxy Estrone is cleared from the body. This also allows the expression of healthy testosterone levels that supports energy, mood, increased libido and less body fat.

Check out this video: 

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