Mental Clarity


What do you do when you want to get things done? Many people would answer: I drink a cup of coffee. (Or two or three or four…) But we all recognize the kind of jittery, nervous energy associated with caffeine. It does increase your productivity for a few hours, but it also interferes with your sleep, and caffeine addiction is a real issue. So what if there were a way to give yourself a mental boost without flooding your body with stimulants like caffeine? The Delgado Protocol has the answer. With dietary supplements like Power and Speed and Beet Vitality, you can improve your concentration, reaction times, and overall energy level, whether you’re looking to get that big report done for the office or set a new personal record at the gym.


The chemical ATP is often referred to as the body’s main unit of energy. Produced by the mitochondria that are present in every cell, ATP transfers energy within the cell, enabling the moment-to-moment processes that are essential to life. If you’re suffering from mental fog, Power and Speed addresses the root of the issue by encouraging ATP production.

Instead of introducing some foreign chemical to give you a fleeting boost of energy, Power and Speed encourages your body to generate its own energy, using the natural process that’s already in place. With healthy ingredients such as kudzu root and green tea leaf extract, this supplement boosts mental clarity the natural way.


If you’re sitting there at work with an important task to finish, yet you find yourself scrolling through news headlines on Facebook instead, you may ask yourself: why can’t I concentrate? Sometimes, the problem isn’t lack of willpower or the availability of distractions; it’s the lack of nitric oxide. This “miracle molecule” helps your cells communicate with each other, and low levels lead to a depressed mood, lack of energy, and yes, lack of focus. Though nitric oxide levels start to decline in your mid-to-late 20s, there’s no reason to live with this natural deficiency when you have the Delgado Protocol’s Beet Vitality.

Thanks to its concentrated beet root powder, which is packed with healthy nitrates, Beet Vitality restores your nitric oxide levels, triggering a host of health improvements including increased mental function. Nitric oxide is essential for the operation of your neurotransmitters, which send nerve impulses throughout your body. The smooth functioning of your neurotransmitters means increased efficiency and focus.

It’s incredible just how focused you can feel with good nutrition. Enjoy the mental clarity you need to get things done and enjoy life with these powerful supplements from the Delgado Protocol.