Mothers Day - Best Ever

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Friends ! My best day ever! 

 We took my mom to church in Chino Hills - I asked Jack Hibbs pastor if he would agree to be on my podcast to talk about "Daniel diet ..pulse plant based from the bible? 

After ..another pastor who has had similar life experiences as my friend They prayed over my friend to remain sober who is getting his commercial airline license to fly me places and events. 

Then we visited my other son Jason & my grandson Jimmy & his mom Olivia and we filmed funny precious videos. My daughter Cherish went to the park with my granddaughter Roux to catch up today.

Next we had no reservations so we stopped at Au Lac & El Toritos both 2 hour waits!  

My 86 year young mom & my son Nicholas lucky found immediate seating at a thai restaurant .. "Jasmine thai cuisine" in Westminster. 

 We ordered all vegan spicy food prepared with less or no oil. Yum woon sen is one of my favorite dishes ( besides Peruvian cuisine) . We ate 6 plates full of vegetables, one with green curry, another with glass noodles, mung bean and lemon grass and 3 incredible soups! We were all full to the brim. 

 Then I said “lets go workout after a walk!” My mom said your “too full, you fool” ha ha 

Bea and Nick talk health? 


We thought this was hilarious. The ending will surprise you as it brought tears to my eyes. 

 Yes less than 30 minutes later i workout high intensity to complete failure ( a Dorian Yates Nautilus emphasis the negative eccentric lengthening motion with added force with my son ( his second workout ️‍♀️ with me my 19 th with workout partners in the last 60 days). 

 Then I rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle ( my second ride to the ocean coast in 3 years ) to see a beautiful sunset at Newport beach!  I walked while lifting dumbbells to the pier while bystanders gave my thumbs up as I streamed on social media where we got clips of a seal and fisherman catching several fish. 

Then I got a Thai deep tissue massage to clear sore body point areas, what a relief. Still on my motorcycle I went as it got dark to the best Health food store in my area of California “Mothers Market” doing research on products for health & got broccoli sprout jars along with a full grocery bag. Yes I felt challenged wondering how I would balance the open bag without spilling all the plant based groceries as i maneuvered the huge bag on my motorcycle tank while shifting gears! I made it home with all the groceries now in the refrigerator- crazy! 

 I then into the night studied podcasts listening  for content in prep for a big debate challenge with Paul Saladino Carnivore Code book who debated Joel Furhman MD from his position on plant based whole food eating ( oil free sugar free organic) which aired on Mercola website as many clients asked me to save the day with my scientific opinion ! 

 All done above in 14 hours May 9, 2021 - how was your Mothers Day ?

PS funny story: 

Here is how my day started: Funny snake story my son owns a female Snake named Pikachu. She ate the rat yesterday on mothers Day. 


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