Energy is everything. It’s what enables us to get through the day, accomplish goals, pursue our dreams. Learning how to manage your energy on a daily basis is a great tool for success in life. But what happens when willpower isn’t enough? What if you’ve tried altering your diet and habits to maximize your energy, and you’re still unsatisfied? Then it might be time to give the Delgado Protocol a try. With daily nutritional support from supplements such as Power and Speed and Slim Blend, you’ll gain an increased reservoir of energy that you can channel into pursuing your goals.


If you exercise regularly, you know how important it is to manage your energy during a workout. Experienced runners know to pace themselves, saving their final burst of energy for the homestretch. Weightlifters know how to push their muscles just far enough to encourage growth while avoiding injury. Getting the right energy boost at the right time is crucial, and that’s just what Power and Speed is for.

The energy you get from Power and Speed is much different from the jittery, nervous buzz of caffeine. Rather than flooding your body with stimulants, Power and Speed acts directly on your mitochondria to encourage the production of ATP, the body’s unit of energy. The result is a natural boost in your awareness and energy level without a corresponding crash. Just ask Delgado Protocol founder Nick Delgado, who credits Power and Speed with helping him break the world record for most weight lifted overhead in one hour: 55,000 lbs. The energy you gain from Power and Speed isn’t just useful for workouts; it can power you through an entire day at work, helping you achieve a level of productivity you never thought possible.


Energy comes from good nutrition, and you won’t find a better nutritional aid than Slim Blend. Not just a supplement, Slim Blend is a full-fledged meal replacement powder, packed with nutrients from over thirty fruits and vegetables. Slim Blend is made from whole, raw food ingredients, and as such, it’s completely vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. Best of all, when you take Slim Blend regularly, you just feel good: refreshed, awake, alive. You’ll never want to return to a diet of unhealthy processed food once you feel the difference of plant-based nutrition.

Energy is the key to life. With boundless energy, it really does feel like the sky’s the limit. Experience the life-changing power of supplements like Power and Speed and Slim Blend, and launch yourself into that endless sky.