Weight Loss

You hear it from your doctor, your trainer, from culture at large: lose weight. But for some of us, losing weight isn’t that easy even if we want to. Even if we start going to the gym regularly and lose a few pounds, it’s so easy for those pounds to reappear as soon as our routine falters. How to lose excess weight and keep it off? The Delgado Protocol is here to help. Our supplements not only provide all your essential nutrients, but also manage your hormones to encourage a healthy weight. It’s time to stop blaming yourself for excess weight and to start taking proactive steps to solve the problem.


Nutrition is a key component of any weight loss plan. But other than making complex charts and checking nutritional labels, how do you make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need on a daily basis? The Delgado Protocol makes it easy for you with Slim Blend, an all-natural organic powder that contains over thirty fruits and vegetables. Many Americans today are eating large amounts of protein while neglecting their fiber intake. Slim Blend solves that problem; in fact, each serving gives you a third of your daily recommended amount of fiber. Simply mix a spoonful of Slim Blend with water and drink every day.

Unlike many health food products, Slim Blend isn’t just healthy in the abstract. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed, alert, and energetic you feel after regular use. Once you eliminate unhealthy processed foods from your diet and rediscover the power of natural plant-based nutrients, you’ll never look back.


Maybe you’ve tried everything to lose weight. You eat well, you exercise, yet those stubborn pounds continue to stick around. Rather than giving in to frustration, take a new perspective; the problem may be hormonal.

Our environment is filled with industrial chemicals that mimic the function of the hormone estrogen in our bodies. By cleansing those toxic estrogens, we can restore our bodies to their proper balance, decreasing acne breakouts and encouraging weight loss. The Delgado Protocol’s Estro Block is specifically engineered to eliminate toxic estrogens, while aiding the production of natural estrogens. Though estrogen is known as the female reproductive hormone, it is present in men as well, making Estro Block a powerful tool for both men and women.

With Slim Blend, Estro Block, and other powerful Delgado Protocol products such as Lean and Fit, you can finally achieve your weight loss goals while feeling great along the way.