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 Product Description

“Estro Block is the supplement of the year, perhaps the supplement of the decade.” – David Wolfe

EstroBlock contains DIM and I3C in the correct ratio to protect you from harmful xeno-estrogens. Xeno-Estrogens can be found in plastics, pesticides, preservatives, and household products we contact everyday. Once absorbed, these chemicals metabolize into toxins in the body.

As research behind DIM and I3C becomes known, imitators are cropping up everywhere. But they’re still only 20% as effective as the original EstroBlock. The reason? Their low cheap crystalline DIM extracts don’t absorb well into the body and their concentrations are too low anyway! You would need to take 10 capsules of the imitators product to equal what just 2 capsules of ESTROBLOCK provides. You need real protection, not a placebo

What physical benefits will I see from EstroBlock?

Many people notice that they

  1. Lose body fat

 Particularly that last bit of stubborn belly fat many athletes cannot seem to get rid of. Your experience may be different, and not everyone loses this weight. The weightloss comes from the results of removing the toxic estrogens effect on the body and while some may be at risk for adverse toxic estrogen effects without displaying any symptoms or signs.

  1. Controls and Clears Hormonal Acne

EstroBlock naturally clears toxic estrogens from the body, while restoring good estrogens. Most acne is caused by toxic estrogen buildup.


  1. Regularity of Menstrual Cycle

Many women have noticed their periods becoming regular and pre-menstrual symptoms lessen and some even vanish

~many women who take birthcontrol for acne and to regulate menstrual symptoms have been able to get off Birth Control

  1. Is EstroBlock okay for women on birth control?

Birth control is made of synthetic hormones that have a very high rate of conversion into this toxic extrogen and it is in Dr Nick Delgado’s opinion that every single person who takes birthcontrol should also take this supplement. It will not cancel the effects of birth control but it may solve many of the adverse side effects many people experience

Why is EstroBlock essential for any form of hormonal therapy?

Many forms of hormonal therapy end up with adverse results like increased cancer risk because of conversion rates that are difficult for most doctors to control. Often they are even unaware this is happening and have not even begun to research how to deal with it. EstroBlock has been Dr Nick Delgado’s solution for many years and he personally would do no form of hormonal therapy whatsoever without it.

Are there any side effects?

Most people experience no side effects from taking estroblock, but if your liver is very unloved then you may experience headaches, nausea or moodiness. Usually drinking plenty of water (remember you’re on a detox!) will remedy this, and you can consider taking a smaller dose. You can begin with as little as one capsule every three days and slowly build up.

If you are still experiencing side effects then you can take liver support supplements. Also building up your liver health will help a lot.

How much do I take?

How much estroblock you will need to take will depend on your body type, sensitivity and constitution. Some women need to take up to 8 a day while others get results with just 2. If you are sensitive you can begin as slowly as one capsule every 3 days then slowly build up.

Estroblock, has been out on the market for many years, but it’s not as widely known around the world as other acne products. According to sources, it claims to be one of the best natural remedies for acne, especially if the acne is caused by unbalanced hormones.

It’s suitable for women who have to take birth control pills to control the acne. So there’s the choice to replace them with Estroblock or take it in conjunction with them.

It’s suitable for teens too!


News of pregnancy can be the best feeling in the world, but it can also drive hormones wild and out of sync. Some women may experience hormonal acne during pregnancy and it is not safe to continue to take the usual acne medicines because it may cause harm to the development of the unborn baby. This includes Roaccutane or Accutane. So Doctor’s advise patients to stay away from the synthetic tablets until the pregnancy is completed. This is understandable, but in the meantime, how do you treat your acne?


With Estroblock, it is safe to take it during pregnancy because the ingredients are completely natural. The main ingredients are DIM and I3C, which you can also get by eating cruciferous raw foods, like Green veggies. It helps to detoxify and restore the testosterone balance inside the body too.

Believe it or not, but women also possess the male hormone: testosterone. It is needed for daily function, but when there’s too much in the system, problems occur, and that’s where Estroblock comes in as the solution. It put you on track and aids in removing the build up of harmful estrogens, and brings the healthy estrogens back. This is necessary to maintain hormonal balance and a clear complexion.

Dr Nick Delgado PhD, the creator of Estroblock, has addressed the issue of taking it while pregnant.

Acne and skin blemishes have been known to occur from unmetabolized estrones related to a fatty & sugary diet or chemicals in the environment. Fats and sugars affect hormonal balance related to men or women who have a genetic tendency towards higher levels of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and a metabolite of DHT. Clean skin starts from within the body. The skin is a large excretion organ, improve your diet to whole natural foods, brown rice, tubers, beans, vegetables, free of oils (use only good sources of fats in nuts, seeds or avocado). Take Estroblock to clear the excess metabolites and follow a clean diet for at least 6 to 8 weeks to see a significant improvement in your skin.

Yes, it is safe to continue to take Estroblock while on the birth control pill. Estroblock will not interfere with the Pills ability to prevent pregnancy. The Pill tends to leave a harmful forms of unmetabolized estrogen called 16aOHE Estrone. Estroblock can metabolize or detoxify these harmful forms of estrogen. This means that Pill users can reduce their risk of breast, cervical or uterine cancer by taking Estroblock everyday. The problem with body fat gain associated with the use of the Pill can be reduced by Estroblock. Estroblock can help to restore the good type of Estrogen called 2OHE Estrone which improves the immune system. Some clients who have used Estroblock also noticed it reduces skin blemishes.


It’s important to bear in mind that Estroblock Pro Triple Strength is a testosterone booster. So my concern was that it may not work for me as my testosterone levels were already high due to my PCOS. I called the company to ask if it would be suitable for my symptoms, and they reassured me the product would not increase the levels of testosterone in the body if they are already high. It would however balance it. And for people who have a shortage of testosterone, the supplement would only raise it enough to reach a balance. So there would be no risk of having too much testosterone in the body. After hearing this, I decided to give it a try.



Everybody reacts differently to supplements with different experiences. If you do plan to purchase it, the price is $39, and there is a 60 day – Money Back Guarantee. So if for any reason you want to return it, you can easily do so, and get a a full refund. It’s risk-free.


  • Helps to correct hormonal imbalances in women
  • Clears acne
  • Prevents breast cancer
  • Assists in relieving constipation
  • Promotes a sense of internal peace and well being
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No harsh side effects
  • Suitable for vegetarians

To find out more information or to purchase Estroblock head over to their website!

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