The PCOS, Acne, Hair Loss, and DHT Relation

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obody should have to suffer with acne or hair loss, especially since the solution to reversing them is so simple — all you have to do is understand and address the true cause.

To understand the cause of acne and hair loss you need to first understand Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is a hormone that stimulates the development of both male and female sex characteristics. It is formulated in the body through the conversion of testosterone and almost 10 percent of the testosterone males and females create every day, is converted into DHT.

When the body produces too much testosterone, DHT levels spike up too high as well, resulting in nasty symptoms such as acne, hair loss, and poor immunity.

High testosterone and DHT levels can be triggered by a variety of different things including:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Adrenal disfunction or tumors

Diabetes or chronic blood sugar imbalances

Thyroid disorders

Cushing’s syndrome

Anabolic steroid use

Prescription and/or illicit drug use

Early onset of puberty

A diet too high in fat, dairy or processed foods

Many people have under-functioning adrenal and thyroid glands and don’t even realize it, so even if you think the above don’t apply to you, there is a very real possibility that you may still be suffering with too much DHT.

In fact, experts estimate that 60-80 percent of the population suffer with some level of adrenal fatigue and 12 percent of the population will suffer with a thyroid disorder in their lifetime

How High DHT Causes Hair Loss


is the ultimate enemy of hair follicles on your head. The enzyme ‘Type II 5-alpha reductase’ is found in the oil glands of your hair follicles and it is used to convert testosterone into DHT. During the process, DHT binds to receptors in the hair follicles, and too much DHT causes the follicles to shrink and makes it impossible for healthy hair to survive.

Unfortunately DHT levels can rise high enough to cause hair loss, and yet a DHT blood test may still show DHT levels in the ‘normal range.’ Hormones require a delicate balance in order for your body to function optimally and if certain hormone levels are too low, it can cause DHT levels to spike even higher. Hormone imbalances associated with aging, can cause DHT to rise too high, which is why hair loss tends to accelerate as you age.

How High DHT Causes Acne


n androgen is a hormone that is primarily responsible for reproductive functions and DHT is the strongest androgen in your body. Androgens such as DHT bind to the receptors in the sebaceous glands (the oil glands in your skin) and when androgen levels are too high, they cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oily sebum. The extra sebum causes your pores to become clogged and provides the perfect breeding ground for p.acnes bacteria. As the acne bacteria multiply, inflammation takes places, because inflammation is your body’s natural reaction to infections. The combination of clogged pores, acne bacteria and inflammation wreaks havoc on your skin and until DHT levels are lowered, it will be nearly impossible to reverse the acne.

Back in 2005 it was found that the medication Rapamycin inhibits TOR. This drug used for kidney transplant patients was accidental discovered to also completely reverse a type of skin cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma within three months. Remember that milk also releases massive amounts of harmful estrogens into the human food chain. Milk is launching a two-pronged attack that is worsening acne and the risk of cancer.

How to Reduce DHT


irstly, examine your exercise regime. Short, intense workout regimes raise androgen levels which can cause DHT levels to rise as well. We’re not saying to give up your strength training regime, but do make sure you balance it out with aerobics and gentler forms of exercise such as yoga and Tai Chi, which can help reduce androgen production.

The second thing to consider when trying to reduce DHT levels is your diet. Avoid eating animal fats and other fatty foods (unless it’s a healthful fat such as avocados and olive oil), and vastly reduce your intake of sugary and processed foods. A whole foods based diet will help to balance out your blood sugar levels, which will help your body to regulate hormone levels. A healthful diet will also provide your with all the vitamins, proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and trace elements, required for healthy skin and hair growth. Finally, be sure to consume B6 rich foods such as nuts, seeds, fish, lentils, bananas, avocados and spinach. B6 helps to deliver oxygen to the hair follicles and it may help stimulate hair growth.

While proper exercise and a healthful diet will help to lower DHT levels, the two alone, will often not be enough to notice any effect on your acne or hair loss. In order to substantially lower your DHT levels, you will likely need to take a DHT reducing supplement such as DHT Block.

DHT Block contains a potent proprietary blend of DHT reducing and liver cleansing nutrients including Astragalus Root, Turmeric Root, Parsley Extract, and Celery Extract. The formula includes beta-sitosterol, which directly reduces DHT and androgen activity in the skin. It also contains Cabbage and Broccoli sprout extract, which provide a unique concentration of isothiocyantates and glucosinolates offering your body protection by neutralizing potentially harmful estrogen metabolites and xenoestrogens (estrogen-like environmental chemicals).

DHT Block has the ability to shift the production of estrogens from bad to good, while clearing various forms of harmful hormone metabolites which are often associated with acne, hair loss, and poor immune function. DHT Block also contains a dose of DIM , which far exceeds any other DIM product in the same price category. This is helpful because DIM (Diindolylmethane) helps to reduce the production of DHT and may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

As an added bonus, DHT Block contains a blend of antioxidants including Pomegranate, which help to boost the immune system and enhance circulation. These antioxidants also help to scavenge free radicals, and prevent them from causing damage to your cells and DNA, thereby slowing down the signs of aging.

All of the ingredients in DHT Block are created from raw, whole food concentrated extracts and provide a dosage of nutrients equivalent to consuming several pounds of raw vegetables per day. If you truly want to reverse hair loss and get glowing, acne-free skin, then DHT Block is the supplement for you. Starting DHT Block just might be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself!


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