Ripped Abs with 80% whole food Carbs and 3% Protein

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The higher the grams of complex carbohydrates of 70 or 80% of calories while fat can drop as low as 3% fat and 6 % protein (like human breast milk) to be in positive nitrogen balance.

This is best accomplished provided one takes into the account the sequencing (start each meal with green and yellow veggies, veggies soups, veggie salads (oil free sugar free) then fruit, then starch veggies potatoes, to beans, nuts, seeds, ancient grains when you want to get shredded to reduce body fat while sustaining muscle or to gain weight while building muscle, go in reverse sequence of food categories beginning with yams, nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado, black rice, beans, potatoes, fruit and last salads of greens, yellow veggies (squash) casseroles, or soups.

The easiest thing is to get enough protein because plant carbs spare the body protein since always the body must meet energy needs which are derived from the plant foods, with protein being used for building and repair. Mike was right, enzymes recycle that gives 150 grams of protein and 30 grams come from the intestines recycling, that gives every human over 180 grams of protein with the entire amino acid pool before one even takes a bite of food!

That is why as little as 20 grams of protein taken in from the diet 3% of calories of a 3,000 calorie diet is 9 grams of protein actually helps New Guinea Natives, incredibly muscular strong people ripped, muscular all from consuming mostly sweet potatoes and their leaves, making them the lowest protein lowest fat intake and the highest complex carbohydrate diet in the world.

PS free of diabetes, no cancer no heart disease. They do die if a famine lacks food, yet protein intake leaves over 30% waste by product, fat leaves 7% waste while complex carbs burn as pure fuel with 0 Waste, carbon dioxide we exhale, and oxygen, and water we excrete via urine or perspiration. See for the 7 pillars of health. 

Hall study metabolic ward, as carbs increase we get best results.

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