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You have been chosen to be part of a select group of  only 15 individuals to be part of our next amazing group of people.

Starting this Feb 4, 2021 then each Thursday for 6 weeks, before a new group starts, 5 lucky people are selected to have a personalized recorded session just for you!  This is because you have sincerely reached out to Dr Nick to be guided by him and you may have already spoken to one of our elite life coaches. 
Here is my gift to you for peace of mind and deep healing to accept love, happiness, health and career objectives to transform your life:

AS part of this process since we have found the power of the mind is the most important aspect to assist you to be guaranteed to achieve your loftiest goals; 
1) Simply Listen to this NRP recording created for you to achieve your dreams at bedtime (9 hours - let it play as you drift to sleep) for at least seven nights, then listen upon waking as you do your morning chores at least 2 or more times per week : The first 120 minutes is incredible, deep and insightful! Then the screen goes to black, with Theta and Delta Brain wave match for deep sleep music for a total of 9 hours. 

Or Put this link in your browser:

This program helps guide your subconscious mind in a process we call Neuro reprogramming to focus on your dreams even during the most stressful times. This includes special music in a high learning relaxed "theta state" even without words you will find this portion will help you to integrate your behaviors to transform over 90% of those with "inaction, addictive self destructive behaviors". As you learn to let go of depressed, angry, sad, jealous, anxious behaviors you will embrace new loving, contribution habits. Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Loral Langemeier, Nuirka, Mark Victor Hansen.    
As you listen for 7 to 30 consecutive sessions expect new powerful rejuvenation actions and behaviors to achieve your dreams and goals.
Why is this Neuro reprogramming "NRP" so necessary during "stressful times" in the world? 
Now more than ever enlightened humans must unite and come together for a common purpose to let go of unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs to live your dreams. 

Please listen allowing the process to occur by "repetition" the mother of learning to direct the subconscious mind to make better decisions in favor of your family, community and society. A majority of people live by reactive automatic unresourceful thoughts which can be redirected to match your highest level values and goals! 

Let's transform the planet starting with you. You will be delightfully surprised how effective NRP is to achieve your desired goals to live the life you deserve. Listen Now because this temporary link will only be here for a few days.

Remember the first 120 minutes is incredible then the screen goes to black, with Theta and Delta deep sleep music for a total of 9 hours. 

or Audio only :

Remember repetition is the mother of learning. Also because you have been selected to be part of our VIP group, please confirm when you will enjoy your private recorded session on a coming Thursday (you select the best time for you allowing about 60 to 90 minutes) or if you are re entering our plan, you will be amazed how incredible your results will be. 

  Fall Deeply Asleep 9 Hour Manifest Dreams, Career, Relationships, Health Affirmation Wake Refreshed. 

Dr Nick Delgado, CHT, PhD, ABAAHP, Author "Mastering the Powers of your Inner Health", "Blood Doesn't Lie", "Mastering Love Sex and Intimacy" 

The links expire soon, this is not a gimmick, this is your life and your journey in life. A life worth living.  

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