10 Skin-Care Habits For A Lifetime of Enviably Gorgeous Skin

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The 10 habits below will beautify your skin from the inside-out and from the outside-in. This two-pronged approach will not only give you glowing, flawless skin within a few weeks, it will also target aging at its root so that you will have gorgeous skin for decades to come.

Outside-In Habits

1. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Most skin changes associated with aging are caused or accelerated by the sun. So if you want to have gorgeous skin as you age, wearing sunscreen everyday, even in the winter and on cloudy days, is essential. Opt for an spf 30 and choose a mineral based (zinc and titanium) sunscreen, because the chemicals in other sunscreens get absorbed into your body, contributing to your toxic load. One final tip - if you don't like the heavy feeling of mineral sunscreen creams, try a mineral spf face powder.

2. Sleep with a Humidifier

Sleeping with a humidifier in colder months or in drier climates can make an immediate and notable difference in the appearance of your skin. The reason for this is because dry air draws moisture from wherever it can, including your skin. This degrades the skin's natural moisture barrier which can lead to flaking and peeling and a deepening of fine lines. The hydrating properties of a humidifier has the added benefit of helping flush toxins out from your skin.

3. Buy Products Meant for Your Skin Type

The most expensive product in the world will be of no use if it doesn't cater to your skin type. Figure out whether you have acne-prone, sensitive, dry, oily, or combination skin skin. If you are unsure which category best applies to you, ask a dermatologist or consult with a beautician. 

4. Use a Serum

Serums are an excellent addition to your skin arsenal. They provide concentrated doses of active ingredients that your skin rapidly absorbs. Look for ones that contain hyaluronic acid (for moisture), vitamin C or A (for fading dark spots and skin regeneration), peptides (general antiaging), or AHAs (for skin brightening).

5. Use Vitamin C and Retinol

Vitamin C and vitamin A (retinol) are antiaging superstars that everyone should be using starting in their twenties. They promote collagen production, help fade dark spots and acne scars and boost elasticity. Retinols also help increase skin cell turnover, and with continued use they can help eliminate acne and smooth wrinkles.  

6. Be Gentle with Your Skin

Scrubbing your face, using harsh chemical products or exfoliants excessively and overwashing will aggravate your skin issues. It will strip it off it's natural oils, which will not only cause wrinkles to become more pronounced but can also trigger an overproduction of pore-clogging sebum, and lead to breakouts. Instead of scrubbing, apply face wash and creams with a soft touch and use swooping, circular motions. 

Inside-Out Habits

7. Eat a Wholefoods-Based Diet

Your skin is a reflection of your internal health. Consuming a wholefoods based diet will ensure that your skin is getting all the nutrients it needs to rejuvenate and it will reduce your toxic load, so less pore clogging toxins will be forced out through your skin. Avoiding processed foods is also beneficial because these foods cause inflammation and free radical damage to skin cells which accelerates the aging process. Tip: Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring, if you want access to some of the most delicious and healthful recipes from around the world, get a copy of the Simply Healthy Cookbook.

8. Cut Out the 4 Worst Skin Offenders 

Meat, dairy, sugar and oils are the worst foods you can consume when it comes to aging, chronic disease risk and skin health. They are all highly inflammatory and lead to oxidative stress which accelerates the breakdown of collagen and can lead to wrinkles and breakouts. Meat and dairy are also loaded with toxic estrogens which can to lead estrogen dominance and extremely stubborn acne. Oils cause red blood cells to clump together, which reduces the circulation of blood and essential nutrients to the skin. And sugar contributes to the formation of collagen-damaging AGEs (advanced glycation end-products). 

9. Exercise

Exercise helps to increase the flow of blood throughout your body, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin, nourishes skin cells and keeps the skin looking vital. It also helps to carry toxins, free radicals and waste products away from your skin, cleansing it from the inside out. Plus it reduces stress and cortisol levels which can improve acne and eczema, and help to slow aging by reducing collagen breakdown. Working out also has an immediate beautifying effect because it activates the lymphatic system, which reduces skin puffiness and eye bags. 

10. Take a Nutraceutical

The right nutraceutical can be a powerful ally in your fight against aging. I recommend Neuro Ortho Stem to all my clients interested in looking and feeling younger. It is a complete antiaging formula that fights inflammation and free radicals and boosts stem cell production and skin rejuvenation. Because modern living causes overexposure to toxins, most of us would benefit from liver-cleansing supplements such as Liv-D-Tox as well. Boosting liver health is important for your skin because a distressed liver can lead to acne, dryness and sagging skin. And finally, if you have acne and excess belly fat it is a sign that you may be suffering from Estrogen dominance and would benefit from a concentrated DIM (diindolylmethane) formula, such as EstroBlock.

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