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It makes us sad when we get these emails because we know the pain, embarrassment, tears and frustrations–we were there years ago.

I (Lori) was so worried how my face would handle being pregnant. I talked about my skin each week in my pregnancy updates. I am so thankful that my skin did amazing while being pregnant and so far post partum it is still doing great. I get one or two pimples here and there. I can handle that compared to what my face was before.

We wanted to address some of the common questions we get and give an update on our skin

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Is Lori taking estroblock while breast feeding?

No. I had to stop taking estroblock as soon as I started clomid to get pregnant. I have not taken it since then.

And Michelle is not taking it either as she stopped when I did.

Will I ever take estroblock again?

Yes, if my face ever shows signs that it needs it (like I start to get cystic acne again) I will probably use it again.

What supplements am I taking to help keep my face acne free?

Magnesium (I try to get at least 600g), vitamin D (5000 IUs), fermented cod liver oil (1 tsp), coconut oil (3 tbsp), probiotic and DoTerra supplements.

What is my current face care routine to help acne?

I am still using my favorite face wash and only doing it at night. When I go to wash my face at night with makeup on I first use witch hazel on my face to get the first layer of makeup off. Next, I wash with my oils. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. I then put on argan oil with DoTerra’s geranium or lavender essential oils on my face.

In the mornings I just rinse with water and pat dry. A few times a week I use coffee grounds to wash- exfoliate skin in the morning. (You can see all of this in the video)

Some of you have mentioned you are taking estroblock but are still having some breakouts… what can you do? You are frustrated.

Oh girl, I feel your pain.

I would suggest to keep taking it a little bit longer.

Other big things you can do to continue to help your face from breaking out are:

Don’t stress over them. I know easier said than done. Stress is the culprit for so many things. Try not to think about your pimples and reduce your stress in all parts of your life.
Make sure you aren’t over washing your face. I only wash my face at night.
Keep your face cleaning routine simple.
Continue to play around with other oils until you find ones your face likes. I like argan.
Try to eat real foods and limit your sugar intake. Learn to like less sweet things or try to watch your sugar intake. We have plenty of recipes on here that are reduced sugar just for that reason. Both of us have to watch our sugar intake or else our skin pays for it.
Workout smarter. If you are doing long hours of cardio please stop. Do more short interval workouts and strength train!
Have some quiet moments during your day for some YOU time. Focus on positive thinking. Say some affirmations like… My skin is beautiful. I love my skin. My acne is healing.” Repeat. And visualize your clear skin.
If you find yourself picking or stressing over your acne try to stay busy so your mind is not thinking of the pimples.
Use microfiber clothes to cleanse your skin
Get your hormones checked.
Get your vitamin D levels checked.
Get omega fats into your diet.
Other vitamins to look into: vitamin A and the B vitamins.

We hope this post has helped inspire you to take care of your skin or has helped give you an idea of what could be going on with your skin and breakouts. Just remember to never give up. We know your pain as we both have been there. The struggle is real! Let us know if you have any other questions you would like us to answer.

With Love!

Purely Twins!

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