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Letter to the President from Dr. Nick Delgado

I wrote this letter to guide and save our President in response to the shocking news Friday Oct 2, 2020 that he and the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19.  

 Dr Nick Delgado will offer Blood Doesn’t Lie solution to President Trump with communication with his close friends and advisors. 

We will locate and perform a "gene sequencing test" which is the only accurate test for detection of a virus. *see Zach Bush MD reference 

Keep in mind the detection of a virus is a high probability because the corona virus has existed since the beginning of man. Also, the likelihood of contaminating risk increases after consuming contaminated animals. In a recently respected journal testing 8,240 healthy individuals free of any symptoms, over 42% tested positive using the most accurate type of Whole-genome sequences test available in the world today. The scientists tested for 94 different viruses, including 19 human DNA viruses, Proviruses and RNA viruses (HIV, Influenza virus, herpes, polyomaviruses) “The Blood DNA Virome in 8,000 Humans, Ahmed Moustafa, Chao Xie, Human Longevity, San Diego, Ca

Del Bigtree Zach Bush MD at 14 minutes 40 seconds

This suggests all of these viruses are naturally present in our bodies, best defended by a healthy gut biome, terrain and lifestyle habits. It is not that the “viruses” infects us, it is that the virus is already present in the body along with bacteria, which are actually part of nature's way of regenerating the body before it is too late! The cleansing of the air, the soll removing toxic herbicides, pesticides and removal of chemicals will help the people of the planet recover. 

Rich Roll Zach Bush MD


Mask Zach Bush MD

In other words the presence of the viruses doesn't mean the person will become sick. The immune system in all healthy individuals can already create enough B cells to alert the immune system to protect the human host. 

Healthy individuals with a well developed immune system have over 200 trillion viruses and 100 trillion bacteria with 60 to 70 trillion human cells. This is normal and without viruses and bacteria we would not be alive. 

Note while PCR test is routinely performed for the detection of Covid-19, the incidence of valid diagnostic findings must be considered because there is a high false positive rate. According to Kary Mullis biochemist Nobel Laureate the creator of the Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR test - the test should never be used to detect Covid-19 because it was not created for that purpose and the results are inaccurate.  

Here are necessary immediate emergency interventions based on the book "Blood Doesn't Lie":

Immediate Proposed Therapy 

  • Peptide, Thymosin, Beta & CJC1295 with Ipamorelin, HgH 
  • Adrenal Immune support (4 times a day, 4 hours apart)

Prescribe Hydrocortisone (cortisol - cortef oral tablets 4 taken every 4 hours (20 mg); then reduce down to 10 mg, 4 times a day

  • As maintenance take cortisol on days prior to anticipated stressful events or if you feel symptoms of cold, flu, body ache, cough, or breathing difficulties
  • To assist in breathing use HBOT hyperbaric oxygen combined with IV therapy that includes methylcobalamin B12 under direction of SA Ghozland MD Santa Monica, Ca 

Optimize Health and Rejuvenate the Immune System With the Following 5 Steps: 

  1. Detect toxins and detoxify with proper hydration and exercise 
  2. Identify nutritional deficiencies, consume nutrient dense foods, and natural herbs 
  3. Fortify and rejuvenate the body with mitochondria support and stem cell therapy 
  4. Get enough high quality sleep 
  5. Use power of the mind to create consistent healthy routines, and foster positive emotions of love, connection, and contribution 

Additional Adrenal and Immune Support:

  • Get daily sun exposure; first morning sunrise & sunset. 30 minutes a day with antioxidant natural sunscreen approved by dermatologist Sonia B. Bansal MD “Acne be Gone for Good” Nick Delgado
  • Get enough high quality sleep. Go to bed by 8 pm. Use 8 hour hypnosis sleep tapes produced by Dr Nick Delgado to get deep, rejuvenative sleep
  • Get Simply Healthy Cookbook plant based, oil-free, sugar-free recipes 
  • Base your diet on Plant Based with delayed food allergy testing 
  • Maintain hydration with a minimum of 64-oz of cold pressed juice a day, mixed with VitaMix blended with beets, yams, and organic carrots 
  • Get gentle exercise outdoors, walking as tolerated 
  •  Use Everest air fresh ionic conditioner and Hepa filters in every room
  • Wash hands frequently with chemical free soap
  • Use only an N95 mask which is designed to reduce pollen and toxins, yet be aware the mask is not able to stop the intake of viruses when near or exposed to others infected as the warnings on the mask indicate
  • You should never use a cloth mask (unless required to enter a store by local laws), according to current studies in prestigious medical journals See Shawn Stevenson Model Health

Build and Repair With:

  • Cyclic Variations in Additive Conditioning CVAC= altitude (if nasal issues then delay while using Relax Far Infrared Sauna)

It will take nearly 3 to 6 months to restore the body to youthful function  


Immediate tests to identify foreign protein and chemical immune system disruptors:

  • Alletess delayed food allergies 
  • Gut tests 
  • Heavy metal blood & Urine Eval
  • Immediate 24 hour Hormone testing 
  • Test for all major hormones by access lab initial to include 

Blood draw for comprehensive metabolic chemistry, liver, kidney function and lipids with glucose must also include hormone tests:

  • SHBG, PSA 
  • Free & total testosterone 
  • Cortisol & binding protein
  • Insulin 
  • IGF1 
  • Thyroid Free T3, T4, TSH 
  • Ultra sensitive estradiol 
  • Pregnenolone, DHEA 
  • Omega 3, 6
  • Vitamin D3, Zinc 
  • B12, iron, ferritin, HCG
  • Cancer markers CEA

 Our Team of experts** will evaluate deficiencies and excesses for adrenal, thyroid, androgen, and estrogens for immune system support and therapy. Endocrinological Hormone BHRT-Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy intervention will be based on results of urine, blood and saliva tests and physical evaluation. 

Dream Team of Doctors 

Nick Delgado PhD lifestyle medicine ABAAHP, Author

Anil Bajnath MD will provide care following live blood test smears with blood chemistry Dr Cathleen Gerenger, acupuncturist, stem cell evaluation  

Consultants **

Sangeeta Pati MD

Joseph Maroon MD

Michael Grossman MD

Maryanne Hannaney MD

Thierry Hertoghe MD

Ron Rothenberg MD 

Terry Grossman MD  

Joel Fuhrman MD Nutritarian Diet 

Dr Bruce Lipton author "Biology of Belief"


Safe uses of Cortisol, William McKinley Jefferies MD, P.H.D 

Blood Doesn't Lie, by Nick Delgado  

When following the above protocol you can expect a positive outcome within 14 days. You will come out of isolation with productive energy beyond original function in time for the next debate and then the Presidential Election to allow for full recovery! 

Letter to the President's doctor and advisors 

Monday Oct 5th  4 pm PST 

 Among top 4 authorities as medical correspondent on immune rejuvenation according to American Academy of AntiAging Medicine (A4M) doctors and scientists. 

Evidence Based Supplement Immune Enhancers:

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