4 Steps Solution to Hormonal Acne

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Based on my discovery and the detailed review of my discoveries over the last 20 years as explained in our book Acne be Gone for Good by the best Board Certified Dermatologist in the world, Dr Sonia 

Here is the best protocol, based on over 44 years of observations of tens of thousands of satisfied clients and patients. 

Congratulation, Your daughter's results are excellent and a very common response while taking the intervention of Estroblock Pro TM (over 700 reviews on Amazon).

There will be a better explanation in the series of 6 videos planned for this week of April 10, 2021. However let me briefly summarize the science regarding The underlying condition known as hormonal acne which can be addressed with 4 known factors: While the the first part of the explanation is based on the direct increase of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - SHBG, (this increase in the binding protein is a good thing, while birth control pills will artificially increase SHBG the transport molecules that will calm down hormonal acne, however I would never want my daughter to take birth control pills off label to control acne as many doctors prescribe!  Hormonal Acne is better managed by improved eating, natural herbs and supplements rich in phytochemicals, as long as one takes daily capsules 1 am and 1 pm of Estroblock Pro for at least 3 months.  

Second, the reduction in mTOR, the enzyme that causes abnormal growth in skin, is reduced by the active natural ingredients in EstroBlock Pro TM. The Third factor is the shift of bad estrogens (16aOHE) to good estrogen (2OHE) this can only be measure in the 24 urine test, yet from thousands of tracked cases, this is significant and may even reduce the risk of a future cancer in young adults, because cancer can take 20 years to grow as you know, in one's sex organs of the breast, uterus, endometrium etc. 

The next step in this success formula is to understand phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 of estrogen dominance and hormone metabolism; sorry to be so complex, yet it is "Kinda Like" moving "too much traffic off the freeway to exit" toxins of metabolism to clear from the skin and from the body. 

That is where the next beneficial products for Phase 2 are DHT Block TM, followed after a few months for Phase 3 is by LivDtox TM  then after 6 months to add DNA Protector TM as the ultimate Methyl Donor... the final stage of exiting toxins from the body. Yes toxins will re enter one's body if the individual continues consuming dairy, yogurt (unless it is dairy free coconut or almond yogurt, low or no sugar and low fat), greasy animal products such as chicken or red meat, while a movement to plant proteins as the "twins with acne" did with one twin on our organic diet of whole unprocessed foods got great results as reported by Dr John McDougall and the other twin not changing the diet and saw poor results. 

Of course to augment for more rapid results ideally one can include at least 12 minutes of high intensity exercise which stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse the body and skin, while one can go at a slow pace of walking 90 minutes a day of daily Exercise. The benefits of Sauna detox are remarkable at least 2 times a week for 20 minutes to the point of perspiration. 

Lastly, the 4th factor is based on the power of balancing the hormone insulin in maybe 20% of the cases it is necessary to stabilize blood sugar and insulin with the Product Insulin Mitochondria (special on 6 bottles or more). This product helps those with PCOS where the other products start the beneficial process this last product finishes the detoxification and can be taken on going much like the diabetic medicine metformin which is used by many for anti aging, this product Insulin Mitochondria can be taken as one or two capsules a day for many benefits including long term anti aging of the skin and body.  

The short answer is all together it takes on average 6 to 9 months to complete the process to clear skin, however the 30 second solution of planning to take the capsules as suggested will accomplish a majority of the benefits while the added steps suggested in the coming Acne video webinar course will assure long term resolution of Permanent Clear Skin

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