What physical benefits will I see from EstroBlock?

As toxins clear the body, many people notice a drastic improvement in the appearance of their skin. There is compelling evidence that it works wonders for people suffering from adult acne and hormonal acne. Others report that they lose body fat, particularly that last bit of stubborn belly fat many athletes cannot seem to get rid of. Your experience may be different, and not everyone loses this weight. The weight-loss comes from the results of removing the toxic estrogens effect on the body and while some may be at risk for adverse toxic estrogen effects without displaying any symptoms or signs.


Is EstroBlock okay for women on birth control?

Birth control is made of synthetic hormones that have a very high rate of conversion into this toxic estrogen and it is my opinion that every single person who takes birth-control should also take this supplement. It will not cancel the effects of birth control but it may solve many of the adverse side effects many people experience.


Where can I get EstroBlock?

The estroblock.com website is your best resource. You can also find it at www.delgadoprotocol.com and in many doctor’s offices all over the United States.


Why is EstroBlock essential for any form of hormonal therapy?

Many forms of hormonal therapy end up with adverse results like increased cancer risk because of conversion rates that are difficult for most doctors to control. Often they are even unaware this is happening and have not even begun to research how to deal with it. EstroBlock has been my solution for many years and I personally would do no form of hormonal therapy whatsoever without it. I do highly endorse using it with bioidentical hormones as I believe this is the forefront of the anti aging movement. You can get extremely valuable benefits from hormonal therapy and as always follow your doctors recommendations, but talk to them and ask questions. They are there to serve you, remember that!


How do I take EstroBlock?

It is my personal opinion that men, people on hormonal therapy, people who are overweight, or athletes should take 4 EstroBlock per day. Women that do not fit these categories should in my opinion take 2 EstroBlock per day. Always spaced 12 hours apart…so for the example of a man 2 in the morning and 2 at night, or a woman 1 in the morning and 1 at night.


I have seen other products called EstroBlock is yours the original?

Yes, we developed EstroBlock and named it many years before our competitors and while imitation is the highest form of flattery; trying to capitalize on our success by offering cleverly labeled inferior products is rather distasteful. Yet that is just a personal opinion.


How is your EstroBlock different from other brands?

Most other brands use what is called crystalline DIM which has almost no absorption into the body. While being MUCH cheaper to produce, it really is not a clinical dose. Also they will use creative terms like DIM “blend” which masks the fact that there is little to no DIM in their product. EstroBlock has the highest absorption at clinical dosages that I am confident will get you results.


Why is Estroblock the best brand for your health?

We only use the most potent form of DIM with our unique delivery system, providing over 50% more DIM at an over 50% higher absorption rate when compared to many of our competitors. We put quality and effectiveness as our priority and it may not be as appealing to the uninformed buyer, we find that the consumer market has become much more savvy over the years and highly educated so we trust they will make proper, scientifically sound, decisions. Estroblock unlike other brands is free of soy, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, no excipients or harmful fillers and chemicals often found in other brands attempting to use the EstroBlock name or DIM mimics. EstroBlock has all natural ingredients produced in Good Manufacturing Practices laboratories made in the USA.


If I have any other questions about EstroBlock can I call you?


Call our office toll free: 1-866-319-0566